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Why Selenium Test Automation is Good?

The world of Software testing has only evolved over the past few years. Organizations have clearly understood the enormous value a software testing activity brings in. In this article, you will get to know about one of the most popular automation tools that has proved to be a clear global winner and that is “Selenium.” 


What is Selenium Test Automation?

Selenium has been qualified as one of the best open-source automation tools in the software testing domain. The whole suite of Selenium testing provides a range of testing solutions to solve a bevy of software testing related issues.

Why Selenium test automation is good?

1. It’s absolutely free: Though Selenium is a free product, the range of benefits it has provided in the automation testing zone is phenomenal. Though there is a competition with ‘Katalon studio’ which is another power-packed automation testing tool, but then it doesn’t work on the Linux platform, and doesn’t have huge followership as Selenium has. Individuals and start-ups who may not invest much in testing activities can easily go for Selenium without any second thought in terms of the performance and functionality of Selenium.

2. Agile and DevOps can be easily integrated: The working of Selenium is such that it is able to easily fall under the principles behind Agile and DevOps. How exactly this can be achieved?

  • Selenium is highly flexible and is portable across all platforms
  • Selenium can be easily integrated with different development platforms such as Maven, QMetry, SauceLabs, TestNG, Jenkins etc.

3. Mobile testing can be easily and effectively performed: With Selenium test automation, a tester can easily test hybrid, native or web mobile apps with utmost efficiency. There will be a requirement for additional software testing though. To conduct mobile testing with Selenium there are two options and those are Appium and Selendroid. Developers who are well-versed in these tools can easily test mobile apps.

4. A wide range of languages, browsers and platforms are supported: Some of the highly popular languages that fully support Selenium tool are Java, C#, Ruby, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Perl, Objective-C etc. Selenium works extremely well on platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. Selenium is also compatible with various browsers such as Google chrome, Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft edge etc.


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