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5 Major Steps of Regression Testing Method

Summary: The software has to undergo various types of tests before it is released. But the software tests do not end here. Post the release of the software, testing continues. One such software testing type is the regression test which is done pre and post-release of the software to ensure that any changes or updates in the code of the software do not affect the existing functionality of the software. But, now the question arises, how this test is done? Well, to understand this, let us see five major steps that are followed to conduct this test.


What is regression testing? 

Regression testing is black box type software testing which is done to ensure that any code change in one part of software does not impact the other part or existing functionalities of the software. This test revolves around re-running functional and non-functional tests to ensure that code remains bug-free after every code change.

When should regression testing be taken up?

Below mentioned are some of situation where this black box type of testing can be done:

  • Whenever any new functionality is added to the software
  • Whenever any change is made to the existing functionalities of the software  
  • Whenever software is integrated with other products
  • Whenever any UI changes are made to the software

What are the 5 major steps of the regression testing method?

Below mentioned are the 5 major steps:

  1. Build regression test suite: To do this test, first build a test suite. The test suite can be built from existing test cases (reusable test cases)
  2. Select test approach: In this step, the tester has to decide how many parts of the test are to be done manually and how much is to be automated. Also, the tester has to decide whether an exploratory approach is to be followed or a structured approach
  3. Develop, prioritize and select the test cases: In this step, testers initially develop the test cases for the project to be taken up. Then testers prioritize the test cases depending on the urgency of testing a particular test case. Next up testers decide which test cases can reused each time there is a change in the application.
  4. Decide the frequency of test: In this step, testers decide how frequently it is required to run the test. This black box type of test should be performed each time a change is made in the code or any features are added or removed
  5. Execute the test: There are two ways to perform this test i.e. manual and automation. Companies usually prefer automated method as it fast, error-free and reliable

Conclusion: The success of any testing method depends on the correct procedure. Therefore in this article we have come up with 5 major steps that depict the regression test procedure. Leverage regression testing from a next-gen QA and software testing services provider to achieve a high quality, next-gen software that delivers an unmatched experience to customers.

About the author: I am a technical content writer and I write articles on various IT related topics. In this article, I have tried to share my views on the 5 major steps of the regression test method.


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