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What are the types of automation testing?

Today, as technology is advancing, business processes and ways of working are also advancing. One such advancement is automation testing. Automation testing plays a major role in software testing as it helps in faster and reliable testing. Let us now take a look into what exactly is automation testing and what are its types.

What is automation testing?
Automation testing is a software testing type in which automation testing tools are used to run the test cases. Unlike manual testing where humans perform the test, automation testing is a process in which automated tools or frameworks are used. Automation testing eliminates the chances of human prone errors and thus, helps in making the tests more reliable and fast.
What are the types of automation testing?
Below mentioned are some of the types of automation testing:
1. Smoke test: It is a preliminary test that is done to verify the most basic feature of the software to decide is it worth to continue testing or not.
2. Unit test: Conducted to test the individual units of the software in isolation to find bugs if any.
3. Integration test: Conducted to check whether the unit tested software modules are working as intended or not after integration.
4. Regression test: Conducted to ensure that any new code change in one part of the software does not affect the existing functionality or other parts of the software.
5. Security test: To ensure that there are no security loopholes or vulnerabilities present in the software applications
6. Performance test: To ensure that the systems perform well and as expected in terms of responsiveness, stability, etc.
7. API test: To verify the functioning of all underlying API layers and check the request-response combination for various API’s on which the application is built.
Automation testing has helped IT teams across the globe in speeding up the testing process and saves them from a lot of manual repetitive efforts. Leverage automation testing from a next-gen QA and software testing services provider to achieve quality software.


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