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Explain major scenarios while doing mobile testing

The mobile technology industry is growing at a rapid pace as the number of mobile users is only growing. A humungous number of mobile applications are being released on a consistent basis due to global demand. It becomes obvious to have a pragmatic mobile testing strategy that ensures a flawless and robust application comprising excellent features and functionalities that are eventually delivered in the marketplace. In this article, you will get to know about the major scenarios while conducting mobile testing.

What is a test scenario?

A test scenario is usually linked with user stories in the agile model. The mobile application can be tested with real-world use cases by engineers using the platform of test scenarios. Scenarios would be executed by testers in a way that is similar to an end-user using an application.

The strategic need to create mobile testing scenarios:

Test scenarios are created for the following reasons:

  • Complete test coverage is taken into consideration
  • The scenarios are approved by all the stakeholders and hence every person that is involved is on the same page
  • The end-to-end use case of the application is properly determined and thus everything is tested accordingly.

The following are the major scenarios to be considered while performing mobile testing:

1. Network related scenarios: A mobile device is not like a desktop wherein it is always located at a specific place. A cellular network forms the base of a mobile device and the network strength depends on the geographical area. If a reliable and robust mobile application needs to be built, then the network should be taken into due consideration. The type of mobile application that is being used for testing should also be analyzed. 

2. Security related scenarios: Based on the type of application that is being built, there will be scenarios where an application might contain a lot of confidential data. For example, if a social media application is being used then the app will have access to the section where chats, photos, etc., can be uploaded or the status posting section can be used.

The security analysis of the mobile application is based on the standard blueprint and the application type. When an application is an arcade game, then the level of security testing is not too high when compared to a fintech application, wherein high-level security testing needs to be implemented. One of the reasons is that a user would be multitasking. Security mobile testing tools can be used for optimal results.

3. Performance related scenarios: The performance metric plays a crucial role in the application’s performance. Today, users would check the application’s battery drain rate to know whether they can use it or not. As there are a lot of mobile applications and only limited resources, the users would not think much to uninstall application that has performance related issues.

Performance metrics help in analyzing the amount of CPU and GPU energy that an application is consuming. If the GPU and CPU rate is high, then there will be chances that the mobile device would get heated up in the execution. Similarly, if the CPU cycle consumption is high then higher battery drainage would ensue. 

4. Mobile screen size related scenarios: In this scenario, the fragmentation of mobile devices is considered. The specific mobile device on which the application is rendered and the screen size of it needs to be scrutinized. The impact of the mobile device screen size on which the application is working is worked and resolved by the mobile testing team.

Cross-browser testing for hybrid mobile apps and mobile web apps, and Cross-platform testing for native and hybrid mobile apps are considered to be feasible option. There are specific mobile testing tools that can be used by the mobile testing team based on the requirement. 

Conclusion: If you are looking forward to implementing mobile testing for your specific project, then do get connected with a premium software testing services company that will provide you with strategic testing solutions that are in line with your project specific requirements.


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