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How to do manual performance testing for a web application?

Manual and Automation Testing have consistently existed as two parallel modes to assist analyzers with accomplishing this practical testing objective. In any case, manual test execution is tedious, costly and is inclined to mistakes. Automation testing tends to these essential difficulties and aides in sparing time and exertion after some time. 

A couple of significant points of interest in Automation Testing: 

A similar test content can be utilized for each execution by simply making changes in test information (any place required) 

Execution time is substantially less contrasted with manual performance testing

Predictable results 

Fills holes where Manual testing may not be able or reasonable.

When can Manual Performance Tests help? 

A non-execution analyzer can rapidly perform manual tests without experiencing the way toward setting up computerized test suites or even without test automation information. 

This is exceptionally useful when: 

Execution analyzers need a speedy evaluation of the item’s reaction under certain conditions. 

To execute a rational soundness execution test, for example, running a couple of steps physically while investigating the test. 

What NOT to do? 

A presentation analyzer can likewise recreate the exhibition test conditions from a few distinctive customer machines by connecting with the servers exclusively, yet that won’t be a very viable method for running an exhibition test. Along these lines, remember that not all things can be done physically.

Performance test tools : 

HP Load Runner – This instrument is very mainstream in the market as it permits a genuine situation where every one of the clients can be reenacted. The instrument at that point screens the exhibition under such conditions. 

HTTP Load – It is planned for testing the webserver demands. Numerous HTTP demands are created all the while, and the application is seen to perceive how it is fit for dealing with the heap. 

Intermediary Sniffer – It is a cloud-based device equipped for taking care of different clients. A heap testing device for web application servers.


Performance testing is viewed as one of the most specialized and complex sorts of programming testing. It requires broad specialized information. Automated test contents acquire a huge incentive to the testing exertion. Be that as it may, we ought not to quit investigating better approaches to be joined with performance testing. Manual testing can have a helping influence.


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