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How does load testing tool work?

Load testing is basically of non-functional testing. This test is a sort of software testing which is directed to understand the behavior of the application under a, particularly anticipated load. This testing is performed to decide an expression of the system in both typical and at pinnacle conditions. 

Load testing one among the various types of performance testing that decides the exhibition of the framework progressively burden conditions. It is primarily used to guarantee that the application performs satisfactorily when numerous users attempt to access or utilize it simultaneously.

 Why is load testing used?

1. Load testing is used to identify whether an environment used for hosting the application is sufficient or not

2. It is utilized to discover if the performance of the application is manageable when it is at the peak of its user load.

3. It discloses what number of simultaneous users can the application handle and the size of the application required for hardware, the capacity of the network, etc.   more users can access this software testing program.

4. It recognizes the maximum working limit of an application and figures out which component is causing issues.

5. Load testing always performs in specific labs to maintain records of how software is reacting under control.

4. It involves real-time load to test software accurately. It results in the behavior of your system when multiple users are using it simultaneously.

Load testing Includes:

  • Downloading large files from the internet
  • Running multiple apps on a computer simultaneously
  • Assigning many tasks to a printer in a queue
  • Subjecting a server to a large amount of traffic
  • Reading and writing data  from a hard disk continuously

Why is load testing important?

  1. It deals with real user scenarios

While testing the application under a load, the tester is actually checking how it will perform when million of users visit it in real-time.

The application may perform well for one end user during testing, but its performance might fluctuate when multiple end-users try to use it simultaneously during load testing.

2. A small change in code may affect the whole application

Even after completing load testing in your application, If you have made any changes to the application coding. Its bad result might surprise you and client also. So it’s necessary to perform load testing in the end.

3. It saves time and makes more profit.

Checking your application after execution of all testing and changes can save your time and money also.


Load testing basically helps to find out if your application is having any of the performance-related issues.


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