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What is the QA process in software testing?

Software testing is not an easy task to perform. It is full of challenges, which is equally very important. Testers should be aware and alert in every single phase of the software testing lifecycle. 

Why software testing is required?

A website cannot be supposed to be completed without having a clear statement. Before starting any work you need to understand the work and on which concept it is developed. Because if you miss any information about the website it may impact your website and testing of the project.

Strategy To Follow

Testers should come with a strategy which is only is not sufficient to test any software but you have to clear in your mind that you have to deliver quality work.

Creation of strategy is a very difficult task to be done because you have to make a plan so that your product quality should not suffer.

Planing of Test

After gathering all the information you need to execute what strategy you have to follow. You should create a matrix of the environment so that product tested on different platforms too.

Testing of Product

In the testing section, you have to find out bugs and errors as many as possible. There are different testing environment to test the product.

Before Releasing Product

We should ensure the quality of the product before releasing it. Software is developed only once but they are actually been tested until they release.


Releasing product to its users is the last phase of testing. Software testers are fully responsible for if any bug occurs after releasing of any product. It required a process-oriented workflow. 

Steps to follow while releasing software

  1. Review of software requirement
  2. For major releases, objectives are there.
  3. Target date should be planned to release the product.
  4. The detail design plan is there
  5. Developing a test plan after the design phase.
  6. Test plan
  7. Software requirements prior to testing.
  8. Which test should be used, smoke test, sanity test, regression test, negative test or extended test.
  9. Modules developed one by one
  10. The individual product needs installers for multiple platforms.
  11. Testing of the new feature is also playing an important role.
  12. Code freezing
  13. Build and regression testing
  14. The decision to release software.
  15. Posting release scenario for further queries.

While working on any part of software testing, Testers are supposed to follow the best practices and work according to the requirement of the software.

Applying the best process not just help to ease tester work, it also ensures the quality of the product which is a really important part of software testing.


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