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What are the best open-source test automation frameworks?

A framework is a set of libraries, common tools, assumptions and best practices that can be used across teams. A test automation code will be more stable, maintainable and reusable by utilizing a framework, which in turn helps save cost by identifying complicated defects that may prove to be costly if it is left unidentified. An open-source test automation framework can potentially test GUI and APIs, apart from the many other key testing activities it is involved in. In this article, you will get to know some of the best open-source test automation frameworks.

Following are some of the best open-source test automation frameworks:

1. Selenium: It is one of the most popular test automation frameworks exclusively used for testing web applications. It is known for its cross-compatibility as it is easily compatible with various browsers, operating systems and devices. Test scripts can be easily written in multiple languages, which is also one of the reasons why Selenium is the basis for a number of automation frameworks and testing tools. It can be easily integrated with a playback tool as test authoring can be enabled without learning specific scripts.

2. Serenity: It is an open-source, Java-based test automation framework through which automation tests can be easily written for regression and acceptance tests. Serenity is considered to be one of the best tools when it comes to easily integrating with Behavior-Driven Development (BDD).  Selenium and BDD tests can be written using this tool by abstracting boilerplate code. Multiple scenarios can be tested at a high level, while the lower-level record details can be sustained.

3. Galen: It is a test automation framework that is best used for improving the User Experience (UX). UX testing is the focus area of Galen with a specific syntax for testing and also making sure that the web and mobile application’s layout is verified. Browser windows’ size can be properly specified so that tests can run on layout specifications. Test files can be written in Java, JavaScript or Galen syntax. Detailed HTML reports are generated through heatmap analysis.

4. Appium: It is an open-source test automation framework, exclusively used for testing mobile applications based on a WebDriver protocol. Uniformity is the core aspect on which it is built. The same APIs can be used for writing tests on different platforms. The need for recompiling applications can be eliminated using this tool. This framework provides options for choosing different frameworks and coding languages to run tests.

5. This open-source framework provides a robust community. Selenium and Appium are the two open-source tools on which it is built. Commonly used automatic actions are used to run tests by new testers. It supports multiple languages such as C++, Java, JavaScript, Python etc.  Some of its key features include a global automation grid, test recording and automation building blocks to help QA testers who have never coded, but, will have to learn and write code.

6. Robot framework: It is a python-based test automation framework. One of the main features of this framework is its keyword-driven approach based on which tests can be created that are easy to write and read. It has rich integration of generic text libraries, APIs and tools. It tests things that include Appium, Android, MongoDB, FTP, Websites etc. Tabular data syntax is supported by this framework.

7. Citrus Framework: It is an open-source framework used for automating integration tests for any data format or messaging protocol. If any kind of messaging transport such as JMS, SOAP, REST or HTTP is being used, then the Citrus framework is the best option to go for in order to test messaging integration. The Citrus framework can be easily integrated with Selenium. A user interface needs to be interacted with and then the back-end process is verified through the usage of this integration.

Conclusion: If you are looking forward to implementing a test automation framework for your specific project, then do get connected with a globally renowned software testing services company that will provide you with a strategic testing blueprint that is in line with your project specific requirements.

About the author: I am a technical content writer focused on writing technology specific articles. I strive to provide well-researched information on the leading market savvy technologies.


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