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What is the importance of unit testing?

A few developers think little of the importance of composing unit tests. What follows are five advantages of unit testing that you might need to consider before shaping your own sentiment. 

Any Bugs Are Found Easily and Quickly 

Code secured with tests is more solid than the code without. In the event that a future change breaks something in the code, designers will have the option to distinguish the foundation of the issue immediately as opposed to searching through a clumsy codebase to discover the issue. 

Unit Testing Saves Time and Money 

In his book, “Code Complete,” Steve McConnell shares a table with bugs and the expense of fixing them at various phases of the item lifecycle. The table shows that the prior a deformity is recognized, the lower the expense of its revision. 

Unit Testing is an Integral Part of Extreme Programming 

Unit tests are an essential for the Extreme Programming strategy. Extraordinary writing computer programs is basically a “test-everything-that-can break” technique. Composing unit tests with this strategy make advancement and code refactoring less difficult, combination simpler, and makes living documentation. 

Unit Testing Provides Documentation 

Unit tests are a sort of living documentation of the item. To realize what usefulness is given by some modules, designers can allude to unit tests to get an essential image of the rationale of the module and the framework overall. Unit experiments speak to markers that convey data about proper or wrong utilization of a product segment. In this manner, these cases give the ideal documentation to these pointers.


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