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How to Overcome Web UI Automation Challenges?

Several enterprises across the globe have changed their business model online and this has made them completely be dependent on mobile applications and websites. The enterprises are constantly revolved around interacting with customers, order placement, and transactions. Since it is the main medium for them to enhance their business profit, it becomes crucial for them to test their applications user interface with web automated testing.

But, there are several scenarios where testing teams eliminate automation and prefer manual testing because of the challenges that arise when performing web UI testing. However, to overcome these challenges, find this as a simple guide.

What is Web UI Testing?

UI testing or the User Interface testing is one of the software testing processes that is used for identifying and eliminating the graphical user interface defects. And, the process of testing the UI of various web-based applications with the help of automation tools is known as Web UI automation testing.

Web UI Testing means testing the usability and functionality features of the web application and websites. Today’s end-users require high performing applications that enable seamless experience, and to make this ensured, there is a crucial need for the enterprises to perform effective web UI automation testing.

What are the challenges to overcome with Web UI Testing?

Web UI Testing is essential but to make this testing process most effective, enterprises have to overcome certain challenges.

Constantly Changing UI: Web application’s UI is the most prone aspect for changes. These changes are made mainly to meet the business logic or to add new features, or due to changes made in the requirements during the development stage. Due to this constant update, it becomes troublesome for the teams to maintain the test scripts.

Handling errors: In web UI automation testing, error handling is one of the most difficult processes. This becomes even more critical when it is performed on complex projects.

To test the UI Elements: Testing UI elements are often considered to be one of the difficult challenge faced by UI automation testers.

Execution of Test Scripts: In web UI testing, it is common to have more number of test cases. This directly leads to experiencing more time for execution.

These are a few of the challenges that are considered critical; however, there are even more. Therefore, the best way to ensure the web UI automation testing is not affected is by opting for UI testing services. Leverage Web UI testing services from leading QA testing services provider for delivering user-friendly web apps and websites for end-users.


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